DATE: 2019.08.24
TITLE: Applications of Machine Learning in Medicine
PLACE: College of Medicine, Chungbuk National University
AUDIENCE: Medical Doctors from Korean Universities

[2019.04.01] BIG Data Lab has decided to apply for a goverment project from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, in collaboration with service design company.   
[2019.03.02] BIG Data Lab starts one research group for exploratory medical data analysis.   
[2019.02.08] Under supervision of Dr. Jihn, a term-project team won the grand prize in the KHU capstone design competition. They have developed a recommender system for choosing a graduate supervisor with using the topic modeling.   
[2019.01.07] BIG Data Lab started up two research groups for personal health record (PHR) analysis in collaboration with Dr. Shin working for college of medicine - Chungbuk National University and Seoul Asan Medical Center.   
[2019.01.01] Dr. Jihn's domestic patent has been succcessfully registered. It is about healthcare coaching based on mobile devices such as smartphone.   
[2019.01.01] Dr. Jihn has been appointed as a Big Data Division editor for Journal of Society of Korea Industrial and Systems Engineering.   
[2018.12.20] Dr. Jihn served as a Big Data Division chairman of the proposal review committee for Institute for Information & communications Technology Promotion (IITP).   
[2018.12.19] In Fall semester, 2018, Dr. Jihn have taught four courses such as Data Science, Quality Engineeirng, Industrial Data Analytics, and Capstone Design. He has earned an average course evaluation score of 95.5%.   
[2018.12.13] Under supervision of Dr. Jihn, two term-project teams won the grand prize and the second prize at the IE department academic festival.   
[2018.11.26] Dr. Jihn started up a working group of 40 students for L.Point Big Data competition.